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Whether you are a student, a private individual or a professional, spelling is an important criterion that proves difficult to master completely. A flawless document will undoubtedly give you more credibility. It is in order to increase the impact of your words that their spelling correction makes sense. Beyond the spelling itself, the syntax of your sentences is also crucial. The combination of the two will perfect your work.

The formatting of your texts, as well as their computer input, is both time-consuming and binding. Entrusting this task to you will relieve you of this task and allow you to devote more time to your main activities.

Remember: a document without spelling and grammar mistakes is much more enjoyable to read and reinforces the seriousness of your work.

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After writing a good article and proofreading it, it is quite possible to inadvertently leave a few spelling mistakes lying around. It is not a matter of having a perfect command of the French language in writing. Human beings are not infallible, nor are they robots. Work overload, fatigue and stress can lead to a few typos being overlooked when writing. The use of a spell checker is essential.

Why do people need spell-checkers?

Correcteur d'orthographe sur Word

Word spell checker

To compensate for inattention errors, the so-called spell checker is the best solution. It is a tool that corrects all mistakes in an article in a short period of time. The online spell checker helps to identify certain mistakes that sometimes go unnoticed during proofreading. Anyone who makes a living from web writing or who often writes large volumes inadvertently leaves a misspelled word. Spelling mistakes can happen to anyone. The best writers can attest to this. But it is inconceivable for a client to receive texts with mistakes. No one wants a performance and wasting time on spell checking. The spell checker is like a third eye that completes the writing of an article. It is a support that is able to quickly detect mistakes that a tired brain is unable to spot. As an entrepreneur, proofreading documents is not an easy task. It requires special concentration and time that must be freed from one’s activities. Even for an entrepreneur, it is not easy to proofread several documents. Such work requires special concentration and, above all, time.

Is it necessary to use a spellchecker?

There are several spell checkers available online. The spell checker sometimes exists in the form of an automatic spell checker in word processing software. It is not sufficient in this case. Sometimes the errors underlined online are just typos. Typographical errors or repetitions sometimes fall through the cracks. Free proofreaders are often limited. It is recommended that you use more than one to make sure your text is well corrected. There are paid proofreaders such as Robert Correcteur and Antidote, which are very effective compared to free proofreaders. They are more expensive but are an excellent investment for any web editor. The best proofreader is still human in every way. A proofreader is always recommended to proofread texts carefully. A proofreader is always recommended to produce texts without any spelling mistakes. It should be noted that automatic proofreaders suggest changes that are sometimes unfounded. Therefore, their recommendations should not be followed blindly.

Why use an online spell checker for a website?

Correcteur d'orthographe Email

Email Spell Checker

The online spellchecker ensures better legibility of the written texts. To improve the legibility of a content, it is essential to write in correct French and above all without any spelling mistakes. Even if the spelling level has tended to decline in recent years, readers on the web hardly make fun of spelling. Some of them, despite the fact that they do not know how to correct their own mistakes, have no difficulty spotting them in others. Online, it is more enjoyable and easy to browse through well-written articles. A spell checker integrated into a content strategy allows for careful attention to spelling and syntax. The goal is to ensure better reading, a better experience and better visibility for visitors. This gives a good image to a website. Internet users realize that it is a professional site. The website is the guarantor of the image of any company. Approximate texts will scare away prospects and customers. With texts written in a very approximate French as well as a light syntax and even sloppy spelling, one thinks one is dealing with a mediocre company. The online proofreader gives credibility to the company and pushes visitors into action.

The best online spell checkers

To be more professional, the web editor is required to use the best online spell checker. Makesure is first on the list. This online spell checker is free. It is simple to use. Just make a copy of the original text and paste it directly to Makesure. After clicking on check, the spell checker highlights all spelling, grammar, conjugation, tuning and typographical errors. It detects tuning and conjugation errors. They are software that complement each other perfectly. They can be used for spell checking if a spell checker is not available. Other popular spell checkers include Bonpatron, Reverso, Scribens, LanguageTool and Antidote.

A professional for optimal correction

It is not a question of excelling in a language of writing to believe that one is immune to spelling mistakes. High-performance proofreading software is no substitute for human beings. Spell-checking professionals offer services to accompany any literary project. They are very effective for proofreading and correcting texts written in French and even in another language. There are professionals who stand out for their ingenuity in in-depth correction. They deliver texts and manuscripts without any spelling mistakes. They carry out a meticulous proofreading of works. They remove typos that are forgotten along the way, syntax, spelling and grammar errors. They also rewrite certain sentences, unlike the spell checker, to improve fluidity. Their work enhances the quality and comprehension of written texts.

Our free spell checker assists in the writing process and allows you to correct your emails, essays, cover letters, etc. without any French mistakes. Correcting punctuation, capitalization, typing and grammatical errors is essential in the working world.

Makesure.io is more powerful than the correction software integrated into Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Open Office and other word processing software that highlight errors. We allow automatic correction with suggestions using online right-click correction via web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer on Windows, Mac OS or Ubuntu.

Why don’t you look up the spelling in a dictionary?

When you hesitate about the spelling of a word (and not about its agreement), it is advisable to open a dico like the larousse. But the search is not always easy because you have to know the alphabetical order perfectly and be able to locate the letters in relation to each other.

Then, for two words that begin with the same letter, you have to repeat the alphabetical order for the following letters until two different letters meet.

It is also necessary to hypothesize about the beginning of the words. For the spelling of the word cicada, should we look for the letter c (cicada), the letter s (sigale), the letter s followed by a y (sygale), the letter c followed by a y (cygale)?

To make the search easier, you can find your way around the words at the top of each dictionary page. The one at the top left indicates the first word on the left page and the one at the top right indicates the last word on the right page. (These words vary from one dictionary to another).

– You also need to know whether the word you are looking for is in tuned form or in its general form.

For example, if you try to spell painted correctly in the sentence: “He paints the metal barrier. “you should know that this word is only a form of the verb to paint.

Finally, to find the correct spelling, it is necessary to read the whole definition, because there are homophonic forms. You have to compare the meaning read in the dictionary with the meaning of the sentence in which the word is found.

One last piece of advice! In case of hesitation, don’t rush to the dictionary, think first about the type of error you want to correct. Sometimes it is more efficient to replace a word with another word rather than going through a long search that may not necessarily lead to a result.

The chords verb, noun, adjective, adverb, preposition…

Words exist in isolation only in dictionaries. In a written text, they establish links between them that are called chords. The problem is that these agreements are made differently depending on the nature of the words.

We must therefore quickly find out the nature of the main words in order to apply the chords correctly.

The verb is the central element of the sentence. It can be in two forms: the infinitive or a conjugated form. In the latter case, there are three problems in placing the correct ending: identifying the group (1st, 2nd or 3rd), finding the tense and the subject.

The name is often accompanied by an article that marks the gender and number. Noun chords follow different rules than verbs.

Adjectives may also accompany the noun; they usually agree with it.

Finally, in a sentence, there are other words; some are invariable (prepositions, adverbs) and others take on spelling marks (pronouns).

You will learn to identify the different words in a sentence and to remember the rules of agreement (or non-agreement) that apply to each of them.

In spelling you should know the conjugation tables.

The form of a conjugated verb is not always easy to find. You must first recognize the infinitive form of the verb and determine its group. Indeed, most verbs in the same group have identical endings in the same tense and in the same person. You must therefore recognize the tense and look for the subject that indicates the person to whom the verb is conjugated.

Proofreading: as I’ve always been told “you need to be proofread”.

Know that when you write, you only make mistakes (not mistakes) and that everyone makes them, including writers! The most important thing is to know how to go back over your text to improve it.

To save money, it’s a good idea to first spot the words you are almost certain to spell correctly. The number of words varies from person to person. These words will not be searched.

Next, it is advisable to focus on words for which there is still some doubt. For these, you will use the method you think is best suited:

Look for chords, rules, if you hesitate about the ending of a word;
Search a dictionary if you are in doubt about the spelling of a word;
Use substitution methods to distinguish words that have the same pronunciation;
Use analogies when searching for words in the same family;
Use memory to find rules… and their exceptions.

Good luck in gradually overcoming your major spelling difficulties!